Strategic Event Development

We’ll work with you to assess goals that can be achieved through organizational events. From your event concept – or one we help you concept – we’ll deliver a comprehensive business plan that includes planning and production timelines, methods to leverage the event to increase stakeholder engagement, risk management, and other considerations. Strategic Event Development may be combined with other services.

Turnkey Event Production

Need an event? Done. We’ll take care of all parts of the event planning and production process, working collaboratively with your team. You retain control over each part of the implementation, and we become your event team. Event production can be coupled with LCM’s Strategic Event Development service or be utilized with one of your own events.

Marketing and Client Acquisition

Virtually every organization wants to increase their audience and events are a perfect way to achieve that engagement. Whether the goal is expanded clients and customers, stakeholder engagement, recruitment, or retention, we will create and implement a plan that leverages your event to achieve success!

Event Audits

We’ll break down every component of your events and programs to take your event success into the stratosphere. Forget “it’s always been done this way” and meet “this is what we can become.”
The event audit is an analysis that looks at every aspect of your event planning and production, resulting in recommendations and a comprehensive strategic implementation plan.

Event Production 101

The phrase has become somewhat ubiquitous:  Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; Teach him to fish and he’ll eat for life.  We believe in our clients and we want you to succeed with or without us.  Event Production 101 is our signature events education program, offering more than a dozen ready-to-go workshops plus customized solutions specific to your organization’s needs. 

Event Sponsorship

Generating revenue through event sponsorships requires a strategic plan that’s easily implemented.  We offer step-by-step guidance on the creation of your sponsorship recruitment tactics.  We’ll assess your events, identify assets and benefits for inclusion in sponsorship packages, identify sponsorship investment levels, open doors with potential sponsors, negotiate agreements, activate sponsor benefits, and establish relationships based upon mutual ROI.