Meet our Team

Sharon L. Wright

Owner & President

Fearless Leader. Adventure Seeker. Spontaneous. Resourceful. Strategic. Mother of Teens. Youngest of Three. Board Member. Proud Hokie Mom.

Deb Haynes Swider

Chief Strategist

Advocate. Adventurer. Storyteller. Wife. Sam’s Mom. Oldest Child. Treasure Hunter. History Buff. Design Junkie. Oddities Collector.

Krissy Davies

Account Director

Client-focused. Trust Builder. Diplomat. Appreciative Team Player. Collaborator. Dot-Connector. Culture Vulture. Accomplished Tea Drinker. Aspiring Eco-Warrior. Historical Fiction Reader.

Barry Feil

Managing Director of Events

Outlier. Future World Poker Champion. Community Advocate. Connoisseur of Deep-Fried Foods. Solutions Expert. The Cool Dad. Catalyst.

Jessi Goodman

Senior Account Manager

Strategist. Determined. People Person. Solution Finder. Mom. Gardener. Road Trip Enthusiast. Home Chef. Equity Advocate. Strong.

Betsy Henry

Public Relations Manager

Connector. Advocate. Beach Bum. Eager Traveler. Chocoholic. Voracious Reader. Broadway Enthusiast. Loyal Linchpin.



Derek Archer

Manager of Digital Engagement

SEO Decrypter. Website Designer. People Person. Gamer. UX and UI Navigator. Loving Husband. Father of Four. Classics Enthusiast. Missionary Kid. Visionary. 

Katie Raicea

Digital Team Lead

Digital Wizard. Expat. Old Soul. Problem Solver. Communicator. Lover of Sunshine. Globe Trotter. Introspective. Aspiring Chef. Empath.

Jorie Gelnett

Chief Solutions Officer

Master Planner. Delegator. ISTJ. Achiever. Analyst. Ultra-Marathoner. Volunteer Extraordinaire. Black and White Thinker.

Maria Geeraerts

Research Analyst

Planner. Organizer Extraordinaire. Explorer. Creative Thinker. Encourager. Wife to my Prince Charming. Play-at-Home Mom. Dancing Housekeeper.

Angel Fischer

Graphic Design

Creative. Precise. Dedicated. Art Lover. Creative Writer. Photographer. Traveler.  Board Game Enthusiast. Wife. Cat Mom.

Kristin Gulledge Burton

Graphic Design

Artist. Designer. Happy Wife. Cat Mama. Plant Lover. Empath. Mental Health Advocate. Spreadsheet Junkie. Word Sculptor. Playlist Maker. Dreamer. Beauty Seeker. 

Ashley Chagnon

Social Media Strategist

Empath, Cat mom, Strategist, Gamer, Determined, Foodie, Problem Solver, Open-minded, Organized, History Major. 

Shiloh Gelnett


Positive. Resourceful. Sociable. Athlete. Student. Energetic. Snowboarder. Reader.  Ambitious. Open-Minded.

Mariela Trujillo


Authentic. Bilingual. Confident. Energetic. Student. Creative. Driven. Observant. Resourceful. Reader.