Strategy & Planning

At the beginning of our work with a new client, we hold a “Blue Sky” strategic brainstorm session to better align your marketing goals and prepare a roadmap for how best to achieve them. Tapping into our extensive and well founded PR experience, we analyze your brand, industry, competitors and the overall news climate to develop a measurable PR program.

Media Relations & Training

Media Relations enables you to deliver the right news to the right outlet at the right time. We understand how the news cycle works and maximize each media opportunity for you. Whether it’s creating the press release to get the story, pitching the right media outlets, or training you, Loud & Clear Marketing has the experience you need to succeed.


Finding ways to engage with your target audience is critical. Connecting with key influencers in your industry or community is also paramount for many businesses. We’ll identify and connect you with influencers who can help put you on the map. We can also guide you to the right speaking engagements to establish you as an industry expert or thought leader.

Crisis Communications

The best offense is a good defense. We’re always anticipating and working to prevent potential PR issues, but every company can be vulnerable to crisis. When difficult situations arise, we will be ready with a plan for a quick and thoughtful resolution.

Community Involvement

Being involved on a micro level in the community in which you live is especially important if your business is seeking a B to C relationship with customers. Many of our clients serve in board positions across the county and give back to the community in many ways.

Thought Leadership

There is much more to public relations than securing press coverage; bylines, speaking opportunities, events and awards are also great ways to ensure your message reaches the appropriate target audiences. We know how to position your senior leadership as experts in their field and actively seek opportunities to turn them and you into a trusted source.