Best Reasons To Blog (1 of 5): Get a Boost on Google

Best Reasons To Blog (1 of 5): Get a Boost on Google

Search Engines Love Active Websites With Original Content. That’s What a Company Blog Provides.

We’re kicking off the Year 2020 with a new look at an old friend: the blog. Blogging has been part of Internet culture for a quarter-century, ever since the World Wide Web made websites a reality – and they’re no less relevant today. Loudoun Clear Marketing is pleased to publish our original five-part blog series explaining why you should make regular blogging part of a successful digital marketing campaign all year long.

Why write a (better) company blog in 2020? Reason One: Stand above the competition with improved SEO results.

Your website isn’t producing value if it isn’t getting found. That means your business site needs to rise high on Google’s first page for as many keyword terms as possible. That’s where the science of Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

Blogs do many SEO things Google likes. Blogs keep your company website fresh and active. Blogs reinforce your company’s name, address and phone (NAP) info. Blogs pinpoint your geographic market, identifying the cities, counties and regions your company serves.

Blogs populate your site with relevant keywords (ex.: “marketing”) and long-tail search terms (ex.: “best content marketing in Loudoun County, Virginia”) – and because blogs are updated regularly, your website gets indexed more often than a static, non-blogging site.

Blogs increase your website’s chances at quality backlinks, wherein another website publishes a hyperlink back to your blogpost. This is yet another way writing original blog content generates a valuable SEO boost.

According to stats compiled at, publishing regular blog content attracts eight times more visitors and increases the chances for higher rankings by an astounding 434% – plus, websites with blogs earn 97% more indexed links, which means more customers find your business website…thanks to your blogs.

Think about your company blog. Does it exist? Does it feature weekly blog posts of at least 1,000 words of original content (plus a pic or a vid) that defines, differentiates and distinguishes your brand? Is your website’s blog pulling its weight to lift your Google ranking? Talk with Loudoun Clear Marketing at 703-721-7040 or so our expert digital content marketers can design a blogging campaign customized for your business in 2020.

LCM’s Best Reasons To Blog In 2020: A Five-Part Blogpost Series

Reason Two: Get More Leads, Earn More Business

Reason Three: Define Your Company’s Unique Sales Proposition

Reason Four: Establish Credibility as THE Local Leader In Your Industry

Reason Five: Engage Directly With Customers and Make a Personal Connection To Your Company