How To Post On The World’s Most Popular Business Networking Site To Demonstrate Professional Leadership and Go-To Expertise

There are “show-offs” and then there are people who are just really good at what they do. They have earned the right to “show-off” and become a thought leader in their industry. 

Loudoun Clear Marketing encourages each client to elevate his or her personal brand as the preeminent go-to expert in their company, organization or industry – using the awesome power of the LinkedIn network.

With nearly 600 million accounts, and more than an average of 150 million everyday users, LinkedIn is where business influence happens online. LinkedIn is the premiere way to establish and market your business’ resume and show-off your particular expertise.

There is room for your particular brand of thought leadership

There is an abundant amount of whitespace on LinkedIn waiting for your content. With 63 million LinkedIn users holding decision-making positions, roughly 3 million accounts share any sort of content at least weekly.**

Your perspective can attract a massive audience of prospective clients, employers, employees, and brand advocates. 

How to Build Your Audience On LinkedIn

Look the part. 

The most important step toward becoming a thought leader: Create your best LinkedIn profile.

Take a smiling high-resolution photo, with appropriate dress and background. Give yourself a meaningful, truthful title. Make your 120-character headline something unique, that only your expertise brings. Write your 2,000-character biographical summary like an advertisement for your knowledge; put your best call-to-action in the first two lines.  

Show, don’t tell. 

You’re not just a leading voice in your line of work – you’re an accomplished professional with awards, recognitions, degrees, milestones. Mention such achievements on your LinkedIn profile to build credibility.

Create and curate. 

Thought leaders recognize good ideas from others, and bring their own wealth of innovative insights. Produce and also curate compelling content that supports your expertise – and share it regularly.

Be a show-off and build a following. 

The best actions you can take on LinkedIn: Post; Engage; Repeat. Write an expert-level article about a recent teachable moment at your company, and share it. Respond to comments. Always be searching for content that reinforces your viewpoint. Consider how you’ll build on the premise in your next LinkedIn post – which should be coming soon!

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