Blogging Is an Effective Way To Connect With Customers, Build Trust and Brand Loyalty – all without breaking the bank

Welcome to our original Loudoun Clear Marketing Blog series where we discuss the best reasons for why business blogs pack such a big punch for your content marketing strategy and why your organization needs to be blogging in 2020. 

Reason One: Google Search Rankings

Boost your website’s Google search rankings with the keyword influx, SEO optimization, and the unique, dynamic content that regular blog posts provide. 

Reason Two: Get More Leads, Earn More Business

The fact is, it pays to blog. Not only is content marketing (including blogging) 62% cheaper than traditional marketing investments – according to statistics published at – it also produces three (3) times more business leads than a paid online search strategy.

Blogging generates fantastic returns on your overall marketing investment, especially internet content marketing efforts. Small businesses, whose websites have blogs, generate 126% more leads than those without blogs, according to figures available at

Reason Three:  Develop Trust

Statistics show that 81% of U.S. consumers trust information presented in blog form, and 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blogpost. Therefore, it is important to be yourself, develop your voice in a creative way, and really dig into who you are as a business and why you matter.

  • Blog about what you know. No one knows your business like you do. Educate prospective clients about the services you offer; use your blog to tell stories about problems you successfully solved. 
  • Blog about what you want your customers to know you know. Assume the role of a go-to thought leader and share up-to-date professional expertise. Advise readers about news in your industry, seasonal updates, the latest recommendations – show them you’re on top of your business.
  • Blog about your organization’s role in the community. Sponsor any Little League teams? Participate in a fun run, fundraiser or a food drive? Blogging helps spread the word of upcoming events, and are a lasting medium for recapping community outings. Use blog content in tandem with social media to make that all-important personal connection with customers in your market.

It’s time to start making regular, creative, brand-defining blog posts a fundamental part of your business’s or nonprofit’s online marketing outreach. Call Loudoun Clear Marketing at 703-721-7040 or send us a message at; we’ll get to work on a custom Digital Marketing campaign including engaging, unique blog content tailored for the market you need to reach in 2020.

LCM’s Best Reasons To Blog In 2020: A Five-Part Blogpost Series

Reason One: Boost Your Google Rankings With Better SEO

Reason Two: It Pays to Post

Reason Three: Define Your Company’s Unique Sales Proposition

Reason Four: Establish Credibility as THE Local Leader In Your Industry

Reason Five: Engage Directly With Customers and Make a Personal Connection To Your Company