Give Your Business Brand a Personal Touch. Use Your Blog To Tell a Humanizing Story.

Loud and Clear Marketing has a vision for your business’ success. Our sights are squarely set on helping every client make progress toward business goals by helping them harness the power of a compelling, storytelling company blog.

Regularly publishing unique blog content on your company website is among the most surefire ways to set your business apart from the crowd. LCM has taken a deep dive into the top reasons why blogging works in this Best Reasons To Blog series. Of all the reasons a company should be blogging, this one is probably our favorite:

Every blogpost is a golden opportunity to create a new impression in the mind of a potential customer. Tell a story or two. Talk about local happenings. Make a human-to-human connection with your blog content. Write posts on your company blog that engage with the people in your target market. Let your business be something that’s knowable, friendly, and personal.

Always be thinking about the stories your company can tell that will connect with the folks in your target market. For example:

  • Tell your origin story. Why did you get into the business? What’s your background? For a family business, let’s meet the family. Sole proprietors, tell us how you got your start.
  • Out and about? Attend a recent event? Sponsor a local Little League team? Host a charity drive? Every single engagement with the community you serve is a story waiting to be told. Don’t keep it a secret!
  • Show the grow. Hit a company milestone? Reaching a new level of customers, revenues, or years in business is a worthy story. Take pride in the business? Benefit from the hard work of your employees? Grateful for all your customers? Say so in a blog.
  • Introduce us! Have you hired a new key employee lately? Is someone retiring after years of dedicated service? Did a member of your staff just earn a new professional certification? Then let’s meet them…by blog!

In recent years, businesses have made blogging a greater part of their marketing outreach – and for some very good reasons. 

According to stats reported at, 77% of all Internet users regularly read blogposts, and 61% of online consumers have purchased something due to a recommendation in a blogpost.

Moreover, the Content Marketing Institute says that 70% of consumers would rather learn about your company through articles (such as a blogposts) than through ads (, and 81% of businesses reported that company blogs are critical to their marketing success.

Let Loud and Clear Marketing help you set your sights on success and reaching your business goals.

Contact Loud and Clear Marketing by phone at 703-261-4252 or on our website. Let’s get to work designing a custom blogging strategy. Let’s tell the stories that build lasting personal relationships between your company and your customers.

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