What Truly Puts Your Business Above the Competition? Highlight Your USP With Blogging.

Loud and Clear Marketing is all about casting a laser focus on the best way to tell a clients’ unique story – and there may be no better way to reinforce your company’s unique story than through a blog.

Developing your story involves digging deep into what sets you apart from the competition. Think about your company in the context of its industry. What does your business offer that no competitor offers? What are your difference-makers, your distinguishing qualities, your value-added differentiators? What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Your company has its own USP…probably more than one. A company’s unique selling proposition is a specific benefit your company provides which customers could not get doing business with any competing company. Companies often draw their USPs from their mission statements, industry experience, or service offerings. 

What problem does your company solve for its customers better than anyone else?

Blogposts are the perfect medium to answer those questions. In 1,000 words of skillfully written content – together with pictures, videos, graphics, and other multimedia to tell the story – a blog defines your company’s unique sales proposition and disseminates it on the Internet for all to see.

If the goal is to set your business apart from competing companies in your market, blogging works.

  • According to a statistic reported on HubSpot at http://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics, 55% of companies with blogs on their websites make blogging their top inbound marketing strategy and report seeing benefits from their blogging.

Let’s tell the story only your company can tell. Let’s take advantage of your company website to make your unique selling proposition absolutely clear. Let’s blog about the products, services, experience, certifications, education, community involvement or company history that really set your business above the competition.

Let’s get started blogging in 2020. Talk with Loudoun Clear Marketing at 703-261-4252 or https://loudandclear.today/consultation about designing a customized blogpost strategy that brings out your company’s most unique qualities…and brings out the customers.

LCM’s Best Reasons To Blog In 2020: A Five-Part Blogpost Series

Reason One: Boost Your Google Rankings With Better SEO

Reason Two: Get More Leads, Earn More Business

Reason Four: Establish Credibility as THE Local Leader In Your Industry

Reason Five: Engage Directly With Customers and Make a Personal Connection To Your Company