Make the Most of Your Marketing Strategy with LCM Events

“Eat the Frog” Grand Opening Event

Remember ‘Show-and-Tell’? Standing up in front of your classmates, showing them a favorite stuffed animal, or a toy that Santa brought, maybe an “All About Me” poster? 

Show-and-Tell was a great way to make a memorable impact on your friends – and also a great way to make new ones.

That’s how we think of Events at Loudoun Clear Marketing. Events are like Show-and-Tell for companies and organizations; they’re an effective method to increase brand visibility, interact directly with the marketplace, and demonstrate your nonprofit’s worthy cause or your business’ unique sales proposition. Events should seek to reach people and inform them about your organization and inspire them to become your customers. In short, events are a fantastic way to tell your story, advocate for your brand and strategically reach your target market in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

At Loudoun Clear Marketing, we know the value of an event done well – creative planning, risk managing, budgeting, producing, auditing, everything. That’s why we make Event Development, Sponsorship and Production a fundamental component of our tailored, comprehensive Marketing Strategy.

Think of your Marketing Strategy like a baseball diamond. The bases are loaded and ready with social media, digital content, traditional news outlets, and they’re all geared toward making it to the home plate that is your Event. Your Event will be an engaging and interactive experience that gets attention in your market and reinforces your brand’s message and purpose. When your events inspire your customers to remain engaged with your organization, you’ve hit a home run.

Let’s look at one recent example from the Loudoun Clear Marketing portfolio. LCM produced the grand opening celebration for Eat The Frog Fitness’ new Ashburn location. It was spectacular, fun, and a wonderful introduction of the brand to a new market – but more than that, the event was a chance for Eat The Frog Fitness to strengthen its engagement with existing customers.

Build stronger relationships with current clients AND reach a wider market of prospective clients. That’s what Events can do for your Marketing Strategy.

Want a better way to define your brand and present your vision? Through LCM Events, you can SHOW what your organization does and TELL your story to a receptive audience who’s primed to hear it.

Put our experienced Event Development & Production team to work and let us help you hit a home run with a customized, well-rounded, mission-focused Marketing Strategy. Learn more at it up!