Blogs Show What You Know Through the Three E’s: Establish Credibility. Educate Customers. Earn a Reputation.

Loud & Clear Marketing has always been in the business of helping clients creatively show off their industry expertise through a variety of media and marketing tools. Our specialty lies in setting our clients on a path to help them define themselves and create effective ways to be in the best position to be seen as THE local leaders in their market and industry.

Nowadays, we have a (relatively) new trick in our bag: Blogging. One of the most effective, most creative methods for a company or organization to demonstrate its market leadership is through a steady stream of brand-defining content known as a blog.

If you aren’t publishing a regular (and interesting!) company blog, you’re missing out. But your competition isn’t.

A blog is one of the most powerful tools in the modern marketing toolbox. Blogs enable businesses to build authority as THE preeminent thought leaders in the local industry. Blogs enhance your company’s reputation in the local community, making you THE go-to reliable resource for your products and services.

Blogging keeps your company front-and-center and top-of-mind with customers. How? Through a process we like to call The Three E’s: Establish, Educate, Earn.

— Establish presence and credibility, both online and in the real world.

It pays to tell folks where you are. Especially if you’re in a field service business, such as an HVAC repair company, or a neighborhood business like a family restaurant, be sure to mention all the towns, cities and localities your company serves in all your blogposts. (Doing this provides a valuable SEO boost, like we discussed in Reason One of this special LCM Blog Series.)

Along with establishing your geographic presence, use your blog to establish your professional credibility. Assume the role of THE local authority in your industry. Talk about the latest news and developments. Tell the customer why it matters. Share insightful stories from behind the scenes.

Speak directly to customers and potential customers in your market. Let them know you’re there – and that you’re there for them!

— Educate current and future customers about the value your business brings.

You know you’re better than the competition. But why? Blogs provide the ideal platform for a company to reach its customers and prospects, and show off the unique value you provide.

What does your company do, and how does it do it? Tell stories about problems your company has solved, experiences you’ve gone through, ways you’ve grown and expanded. Identify your company as THE local leader.

Post confident, authoritative blogs. Talk about interesting stuff. Add in a bit of multimedia flair (videos, pics, graphs and graphics). Let customers know what they’ll get when they do business with you. Relate useful information, describe technical details, tell real-life stories that demonstrate without a doubt your business knows its stuff.

Earn a reputation of quality and trustworthiness.

Blogging is an inescapable component of marketing. It’s so essential, in fact, that a stat from points out that 56% of businessowners have successfully used blogs to position their companies as thought leaders within their markets.

The Fear Of Missing Out is very real. Don’t get FOMO-ed out of more customers, sales and profits. If your company isn’t blogging to establish itself as THE industry authority within your market, your competitors will be happy to fill the gap for you.

Let us help you communicate your company’s expertise, experience and hands-on knowledge. Contact Loudoun Clear Marketing at 703-261-4252 or We can help you implement a customized blogging strategy geared to your company’s strengths, and help you build trust with your customers through regular blogging of useful, unique content

Whatever you’re in the business of, be the business people want to do business with.

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